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Concrete chasing is a fast and cost effective technique used in the construction industry to cut neat channels (known as chases) into concrete and masonry structures. Concrete chasing is commonly used on concrete walls, floors and ceilings to create clean and accurate channels for conduits and pipe work. Concrete chasing is carried out using a hand-held system featuring a diamond blade. As a result, it is possible to work on all types of concrete, brick, block, asphalt and many more hard surfaces. The method also utilises a dust extraction tool, hammer, small breaker and power drills.

How Does Concrete Chasing Work?

During concrete chasing, a hand-held system is used to cut the concrete surface. The blade is set to cut a constant depth that matches the size of the chase required.

The number of cables and sockets required dictate the number of parallel cuts made. Cutting takes place alongside dust extraction equipment which captures the dust before it escapes and pollutes the surrounding environment. After cutting, other tools such as a hammer, breaker or power drill can be used to break the centre piece away if necessary.

Typical chases are classified depending on size i.e. single and double (25 by 25 mm and 50 by 25 mm). Diamond floor saws can be used instead of hand-held cutters providing there’s a lot of chases that need forming in a slab or because the concrete is too hard or deeper chases are required than can be achieved with hand-held grinders with diamond blades.

Why Choose MTF for Diamond Floor Sawing?

MTF Diamond Drilling and Controlled Demolition Ltd have embraced advanced diamond sawing technologies such as ring sawing, wire sawing, track sawing, floor sawing and chasing. We pioneer the potential of Diamond Chasing using the most advanced diamond chasing machines to quickly and safely solve many construction industry challenges enabling our customers to take advantage of these skilful techniques. MTF has an extensive range of purpose-built floor saws with petrol, diesel or electric power sources and blade sizes to suit every requirement. As a result MTF are widely regarded as a leading contractor within the industry.

Our Experience

MTF Diamond Drilling and Controlled Demolition Ltd have been in the concrete cutting industry since 2000 combining a highly trained and skilled workforce with the latest concrete cutting equipment in the industry.

Benefits of Concrete Chasing include:

Dust Free

Concrete chasing is a method which produces minimal dust when cutting channels on concrete, brick or block structures. Dust is contained by using dust extraction equipment during cutting. Unlike conventional concrete cutting methods that require water as a coolant, chasing is mainly a dry cutting process.


The method is commonly used to create neat and precise chases on concrete or masonry structures for conduits and pipe work in walls, floors and ceilings. It is suitable for all types of concrete, brickwork and blockwork.


Concrete chasing is fast and time efficient compared to other concrete cutting method utilising light weight hand held cutting systems.

Ideal for Concrete Surfaces

Concrete chasing is suitable for making chases on typical concrete surfaces. Furthermore, the method can always be substituted by methods such as diamond floor sawing when deeper cuts are required.

Minimal Vibrations

Concrete chasing produces very little vibration. The method is, therefore, ideal when noise and structural integrity is a concern.

Dry Cuts

Concrete chasing doesn’t require water. The method is, therefore, free of all the risks water introduces to worksites.

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