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Wire Sawing

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Wire sawing is a unique and innovative sawing method commonly used to cut various internal or external structures. Diamond wire sawing has countless applications within the construction industry and has broad and diverse applications including but not limited to the cutting of reinforced concrete, metal structures, brick, blockwork and many more materials.

A wire saw is a hydraulic or electric powered saw that uses a diamond encrusted flexible steel wire or cable ideal for removing large concrete structures. A beaded diamond wire is threaded through a series of pulleys attached to a drive wheel. A constant pulling force is applied to the spinning wire to cut through the concrete. The diamond wire sawing system can be used to cut vertically or horizontally including angled openings. The wire length can be easily extended for almost unlimited cutting depths.

Diamond wire saws can be operated in confined spaces, are fast and emit low levels of noise. It is a versatile method for extracting large sections of heavily reinforced concrete like bridge sections, columns and beams.

Why Choose MTF for Diamond Wire Sawing?

MTF Diamond Drilling and Controlled Demolition Ltd have embraced advanced diamond sawing technologies such as ring sawing, wire sawing, track sawing, floor sawing and chasing. We pioneer the potential of Diamond sawing using the most advanced diamond wire sawing machines to quickly and safely solve many construction industry challenges enabling our customers to take advantage of these skilful techniques. As a result MTF are widely regarded as a leading contractor within the industry.

Our Experience

MTF Diamond Drilling and Controlled Demolition Ltd have been in the concrete cutting industry since 2000 combining a highly trained and skilled workforce with the latest concrete cutting equipment in the industry.

Typical wire sawing applications

Wire sawing is suitable for almost any application that involves cutting/removing large sections of reinforced concrete in confined or restricted job sites. For instance, wire sawing is perfect for; Cutting reinforced concrete, cutting concrete pipes, foundation/underground building modification, bridge pier modifications/removal, etc.

Fast and Efficient

Diamond wire sawing is faster than conventional concrete cutting and removal methods – up to 75% faster with unmatched precision: Wire sawing also offers high accuracy. This, in turn, results in very clean cuts.

Flexible and Extremely Versatile

A wire sawing machine is useful when cutting very thick or awkward shapes. It isn’t limited by factors like space, access, shape and size. Wire saws can also cut materials such as metal, brick, blockwork, and can also be ideal for underwater cutting applications.

Low Noise and Vibration

Wire sawing is a safe, low noise and low vibration concrete cutting method.


Wire sawing is a high speed cutting application

Highest Standard of Accreditations

Our accreditations ensure we complete all works to the highest standard, maintaining a professional and committed approach and in a safe working environment at all times.

Our Services Are Cost Effective

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