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Track Sawing

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Track sawing is a fast efficient method of creating precise cuts in heavily reinforced concrete and masonry structures. Track saws have many applications from forming angled cuts, sawing through staircases, door, window and vent openings along with many more. Track saws can also be ideal in demolition separation cutting applications.

Track sawing offers high accuracy and smooth cuts compared to other concrete cutting tools such as stitch drilling and wire sawing.

Track saws have a hydraulic or electric cutting head that is mounted on a track that is fixed to the structural element being cut. During cutting, the head moves along the track powered by an electric or hydraulic unit, the blade is covered by a guard. The saw lowers the blade to the required cutting depth. Track saws are controlled remotely which makes them safe and accurate. Track saws are also extremely versatile and available in many models to handle a wide range of applications.

Why Choose MTF for Diamond Track Sawing?

MTF Diamond Drilling and Controlled Demolition Ltd have embraced advanced diamond sawing technologies such as ring sawing, wire sawing, track sawing, floor sawing and chasing. We pioneer the potential of Diamond track sawing using the most advanced diamond track sawing machines to quickly and safely solve many construction industry challenges enabling our customers to take advantage of these skilful techniques. As a result MTF are widely regarded as a leading contractor within the industry.

MTF Diamond Drilling and Controlled Demolition have a large fleet of thirty track saws in house for a wide range of applications, with blades ranging from 450mm to over 2m in diameter, giving us the ability to cut to depths in excess of 1 metre and flush cut fittings as required.

Our Experience

MTF Diamond Drilling and Controlled Demolition Ltd have been in the concrete cutting industry since 2000 combining a highly trained and skilled workforce with the latest concrete cutting equipment in the industry.

Accuracy and Precision

Diamond track saws produce accurate and smooth cuts in concrete surfaces. Conventional sawing methods can’t match the accuracy and precision that a diamond track saw can offer. Unlike other cutting methods such as stitch drilling openings, track saws feature a circular blade mounted on a track-based machine. Diamond track sawing is perfect for applications demanding precision such as window, door and vent openings.

Fast and Efficient Concrete Cutting

Diamond track saws feature high powered electric or hydraulic motors that power diamond blades which make cutting extremely fast and easy. Furthermore, the saws are operated remotely improving accuracy and safety.

Clean and Dust-Free Cutting

Track sawing results in clean cuts and dust-free surroundings. MTF Diamond Drilling and Controlled Demolition Ltd only use the latest diamond track saws. All systems are water cooled preventing dust, and the resultant concrete or masonry slurry produced from the sawing can be collected and contained for environmentally friendly removal.

Safe and Accurate

Track saws are controlled remotely which prevents the need for the operative to be near the cutting face, reducing the risk of injury. Track saws also have other safety mechanisms like water jets which reduce overheating during the cutting process.

Perfect for Confined Spaces

Unlike other conventional concrete cutting tools, diamond track saws aren’t bulky and unmanageable. They can fit perfectly in restricted areas because they do not require manual operation during the cutting process. Diamond track saws are perfect for both indoor and outdoor concrete cutting applications.

Ideal for Deep and Long Cuts

Track saws are also ideal for deep and lengthy cuts, they have unlimited angle restrictions and are capable of cutting depths in excess of 1mt.

Cost Effective

Diamond track sawing can save you time and money, contact us and get a FREE quote TODAY.

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