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Project - Structural Concrete Repair on Thames Barrier

Carry out concrete crack repair using specialist concrete injection methods to stabilise and maintain structural integrity of key elements of the Thames Barrier. Using our specialist crack repair and injection team can be a cost effective alternative to demolition and re-instatement.


Project - Excavation and Concrete Breaking to Provide Surface Access to Tunnel Network

Excavation and concrete breaking in a confined space creating a shaft up to 20 meters below ground using a Brokk 90 and an operative with confined space training. By using different attachments with the Brokk 90 the operative was able to break and then excavate using the same machine. MTFs fleet of Brokk machines which […]


Project - Station Tower Block Lowering and Complete Removal

17 storey tower block demolished using 3 robotic brokk machines at a rate of one floor per week. The tower block was removed with sufficient control and safety that a bus station and taxi rank remained operational and open to the public throughout the work.


Project - Tile/Timber Roof Removal

4 x Commercial Buildings with roof area totalling 3,600 m2. Roof removed without damaging structure and integrity of wall structure, using robotic brokk machines with M200 shears combined with some 20 labourers. Site and builds left in a position to be built up by 2 floors and new roofs fitted.


Project - Multi Storey Car Park

Lower and remove floors of a multi story car park to enable redevelopment of the site. The work was conducted on a site of some 7,000 m2 with the car park situated above an Iceland Store which remained open to the public throughout the work.


Project - King George Dock

Working 20 meters below ground with our specially trained confined space operatives, using drilling bursting methods to remove decayed thrust block.


Project - River Island Shop

Using track saws, Brokks and diamond drilling equipment to cut out openings for new stairwells and escalators including excavating down to 2000mm with Brokk 260.


Project - TK Maxx

Brokk works, crunching down internal staircase during night shifts.


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